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Before I got to find out their names,
I already knew how I was going to remember them.


Beautiful landscape from Hol i Tjeldsund, in the North of NorwayBeautiful landscape from Hol i Tjeldsund, in the North of Norway



We were hitchhiking in North of Norway from Narvik to Bardufos in a sunny winter day. It felt good like in the summer days, just that now the sunflower fields were replaced by tones of goldish snow putting down to the ground entire forests ahead of us, in a completely still atmosphere. We were venturing inside that postcard, and just now I happen to be writing the story on it's back: the story about Roar and Halldis.


 The first ride with Bonnie and Clyde

Herd of sheep injoying their backyardHerd of sheep injoying their backyardA car stopped and with a blink of an eye a hefty man in his 50ths in front of us, dressed in black motorcycle type-sort of outfit, joking and laughing constantly, (an American, I though) was helping us load our backpacks in the trunk. In the car a delicate elegant lady was waiting. “She's Halldis, my farmer” the man said, and suddenly caught our attention. Seems that at home they were taking care of 100 something sheep, 400 in their best times, truly not what we were expecting to hear. In the car was a laid-back atmosphere, we felt comfortable like in a road trip with friends and the connection between Roar and Halldis was like something we have never seen before: happy “crime” partners, accomplices in every single word or gesture they were doing. Insults were becoming laughing lines, proves of affection, love declarations, it was pure harmony between “you, stupid woman” and “you, silly man”. But, it's OK! Soon we realized that we are dealing with a special couple.


The story of a great couple


She was a city lady, he was a countryside man, nowadays liviHalldis playing with her favourite sheepHalldis playing with her favourite sheepng together in Roar's birth place, a remote village with just 4-5 houses, and the family museum. They weren't childhood friends that eventually transformed in a couple and spent all their life together like one would be tempted to think, in fact Halldis was having 2 kids and Roar 3 when they met and committed to form a family. Roar decided in his early adolescence that he loves motorcycles and fish, and brought these passions to life by doing acrobatics with his motorcycle in competitions, and traveling the world with a fishing boat, hunting whales back in the days when fish was plenty, and a whole bunch of other “100” non-related jobs but equally fascinating to hear their stories. Halldis was a shop seller before, loving comfort and going out with friends in the city, but both agree now, that taking care of sheep is the best thing they have ever done.


In the wrong spot


Peaceful Afternoon in Hol i TjeldsundPeaceful Afternoon in Hol i TjeldsundWe arrived to our destination, but our story doesn't finish here: they insisted to buy us food in a gas station, called a friend of theirs that was living in the area to join us, found out that they brought us in the wrong spot, took us back by car some 10 km to where we were supposed to arrive, gave us their home address from the beautiful Hol i Tjeldsund, (not far from the famous Lofoten Islands), to visit them whenever we like, and settled us in their friend's bar to wait for our host. Then we said goodbye...but, it's OK!


Mission Aurora Borealis !


Breathtaking Nortern Lights in Norway Breathtaking Nortern Lights in Norway After almost a week spent in the area, we continued our journey far north to “hunt” the Northern Lights in Norway. With lots of patience and flexibility for a horrible weather, eventually Aurora Borealis surprised us in the perfect spot on Earth with her best performance from 2012, not bad at all! In fact was the best experience of our lives so far, we cried of joy and hold our breath all night long when (like a spirit), she was electrifying with colorful spirals all the sky above us.


Life in a Norwegian farm


Haldis's bright kitchenHaldis's bright kitchenWhen the time to return home arrived, we were heading south planning to be in Romania for Christmas, and on our way we decided to pay Roar and Halldis a visit. They were more than happy to pick us up 1 hour driving distance from their place when we were kind of stuck and spoil us with everything they could. BUT, IT'S OK! We felt adopted in the most generous way imagined, every meal was a ceremony, every inch of their land a part of their hearth and a witness of their peaceful life. And yep, they did manage to show us everything they had, all the special places with their history, the military bunkers with their picnic areas, the cute hexagonal chill out “light” house done by Roar, the future Halldis studio for Roar and Me in the Family MuseumRoar and Me in the Family Museumsewing fur carpets, even opened for us the Family Museum dedicated to his uncle, father and grandfather, the first ship pilot in Norway, organized by themselves in the old school where Roar used to study when he was a kid.

The house had Halldis's touch in every single detail, elegant and bright. She was the mastermind, the person with designing ideas for all areas inside and outside the house. Roar was the power, the executive producer, in charge with putting in practice Halldis's ideas, finding solutions and making all happen.


Playing with some funny, friendly sheepPlaying with some funny, friendly sheepEven the sheep were particular, the Stonehenge original breed, funny, colorful and supposedly smart. Instead of having sheepdogs, the sheep themselves acted like dogs when Roar whistled: they were regrouping in a big defensive circle believing that there is danger around, and it seems that when it was time to sacrifice some of them, the sheep were showing one by one their good teeth as a sign of good healthAn original adult male sheep from Stonehenge breedAn original adult male sheep from Stonehenge breed so they could prolong their life at the farm. But, it's OK! This Norwegian ecofarm was a 5 * sheep resort, they had free access to the “beach”, sunbathing in the morning on the rocks along the sea shore, with lot's of unspoiled territories for them, sign of the owners love and respect for their animals.


It's time to say goodbye...


2 p.m. sunset captured from the boat2 p.m. sunset captured from the boatWhen we left they gave us a lift by boat, to the opposite side of the fjord, hoping for the whales to wave their tales for us, since in this period they used the sea in front of their land for “socializing”. We didn't manage to see them. But, it's OK! They left us on the other side, wishing us good luck in our nomad travel. Little did they know how lucky we were feeling already, by getting to know them.




For many traveling it's not about the places, but it's about the people. I tell you, when it's about both, you know you hit the jackpot!




But, it's OK!

Roar would say :)


Check out the photo gallery of this amazing place by clicking HERE.




Otilia LefterOtilia Lefter
By far becoming a nomad was the best decision of my life, and living the present has been my main priority ever since. I quit my job and previous life to travel hitchhiking, and take everyday opportunities as they come. Now my offices are nature, roads and communities, and my job is enjoying life through travel, adventure, dance, art and spirituality. Have I taken the wrong decision?

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