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  • Oti hitchhiking in the snow in NorwayOti hitchhiking in the snow in Norway

    One of the strongest memories we keep from our last trip in Norway while hunting for the Northern Lights, is hitchhiking over the Arctic Circle from the city of Fauske trying to go north; an epopee that kept us stuck for 26 hours in the same spot under heavy snow and forced us to sleep in a toilet! Hopefully an hitchhiking

  • Wild camping in Chernomorets, BulgariaWild camping in Chernomorets, Bulgaria

    This is the place that I found in Chernomorets, Bulgaria, a perfect spot for wild camping. An abandoned pier going over the Black Sea and far away from the crowds leaving me completely isoleted, but still close enough to catch free wireless from inside my tent!

  • The map of my trip by land hitchhikingThe map of my trip by land hitchhiking

    This is the story of my 954 days amazing travel around Europe without flying. A long trip that ended in April 2013 when I had to take a plane from Romania to Italy because of my unstable health condition. [If you are in a hurry, skip the text and go directly to the travel photos] Before that moment, it was August 2010 when I took

  • Become a Gypsy Traveller!Become a Gypsy Traveller!

    To be able to travel longer and become a full time gypsy traveller, the possibilities are endless and the choices are only up to you and your will to be engaged in a nomad travel: there are even people travelling without money, so don't complain and don't find silly excuses not to start backpacking even tomorrow!

    In these guides

  •  traveling jobs money

    What if inside your backpack, you could pack also your working place, transforming it into a traveling job? Getting paid to travel or to travel the world for free is the dream of every backpacker, but the reality is that there are no easy ways to make money, and unless you decide to take up the challenge to travel without funds

  • Railway in CubaRailway in Cuba

    If you want to use cheap transportation during your trips, there is no general rule to say wich one of the options is the cheapest way to travel, but there is a tip that is working in every case: slow travel.
    Slow travel means to reduce the speed of the trip, but also to stay longer in the same place. This way the rate of days we

  • Local dish in an italian InnLocal dish in an italian Inn

    It's not difficult to save money on food while travelling if you just follow some simple rules. This way you'll be able to prolong without too much effort your travel. Food is necessary for survival and well being, so it's important to learn how to find affordable meals while travelling. And try to not skip meals, since it could

  • Sleeping at the bus station in  ChennaiSleeping at the bus station in Chennai

    Isn't it illogical that a big part of our budget is lost on sleeping, that means while doing nothing? Of course everybody wants to have a good sleep, but how much are you willing to reduce the length of your travel to have a comfy bed?
    And believe me, there are plenty of other options that will provide you with free accommodation

  • rucksack backpack

    With our backpacking checklist you won't forget anything anymore when going on a trip! It is the result of years of experience travelling (and forgetting things before making this list!). It's a quite long list, it is meant to be a reminder of what could be useful to take with you: from this backpacking checklist you'll select

  • So, after almost 3 years backpacking by land, exactly 954 days, I had to take a flight because my actual health conditions didn't allow me to bear the fatigue of travelling hitchhiking for long time; I had to interrupt my abstinence from planes and my travel marathon by land: a total of over 34 000 km

  • Only now I recognize that we didn't write any update, not even to declare our trip finished :) In fact after seeing the northern lights in Norway, we hitchhiked back to Romania in 3 weeks, just in time for Christmas celebrations. This means that our nomad travel from beginning to end lasted about 9 months. Not bad for Oti's first

  • Travel Map Hitchhiking 2012: since the maximum number of pins on Google Maps is 25, the map is intended to show only the route, not the places we stopped, that are at least 3 times more than the number of the pins!Travel Map Hitchhiking 2012: since the maximum number of pins on Google Maps is 25, the map is intended to show only the route, not the places we stopped, that are at least 3 times more than the number of the pins!

    About 7 months and over 12 000 km of roads passed since we left Oti's home in Romania in mid March to start our nomad travel. About the same distance that is separating Italy from Japan! We went from Romania, to Italy, to Spain, to Switzerland, and eventually to Norway where we are now. In the first part of the trip we explored

  • This young lovely family offers us a bed to sleep, dinner with traditional romanian food, internet; everything without even knowing us! 001-Oravita-Romania-Photo-Story-0117

    Hitchhiking is fun and often full of surprises. That's exactly what happened when we went with Maria From Budapest (Hungary) to Ruse (Bulgaria), about 11 hours of no-stop travel if you have a private car; 2 days and a series of adventures, that you wouldn't expect even in 1 year, if you are hitchhiking!

    Everything started when

  • Hitchhiking romeHitchhiking rome

    After almost 10 months I left Rome for our nomad travel, I eventually came back yesterday! We arrived at 1 AM after 12 hours of trip from Venice (Mestre) and 5 different rides. It's a road supposed to take you about  4:30 hours if you have a car, it means that we waited about 7 hours hitchhing a ride, despite or 2 of the

  • Just a quick reflection after a fact that we experienced at the border between Romania and Serbia. As I always did in my life in dozens of countries, we were approaching the officers at the border to check out from Romania, but we were blocked and we were told that by foot we cannot cross the border, only by car. I was speechless

  • Hitchhiking no red cars! Hitchhiking no red cars!

    Fast update: The first day of the nomad travel, starting from Bucharest and heading to Craiova was not that easy as we thought: our friend Ioana was told by some "special" friend of hers that we could be in trouble if we hitchhike red cars on the highway.

    With this challenge we manage to hitchhike 75% of the ?no red cars?, the

  • A beautiful sunset in Bahia de KinoA beautiful sunset in Bahia de Kino

    In 2007 after 3 months spent in the USA, I had to leave the country and go to Mexico. My visa was expering because of my mistake on the calculation of the visa duration (3 months vs 90 days), and I was about to be a clandestine in the States. I was not supposed to be admitted back in the USA, if not after first going back to my

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Sunset from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar

Our last sunset in Europe before going to Africa, was definitely one to remember with magnifi ...

View of Land's End arch and cliffs in Cornwall

Today we were lucky to manage to hitchhike to Land's End, one of the extremities of United Ki ...

Transfagarasan road in Romania seen at night

I took this photo on my second night spent camping next to Balea Lake, after hitchhiking on t ...

Fireworks in front of Castel San'Angelo in Rome

Since some years on June 29th in Rome, there is a historical representation called "La girand ...

Portrait of a local woman in a traditional Indoensian village

This is a portrait I took of a local woman in the village of Nage, in Flores, Indonesia. Nage ...

Sunrise in Jatiluwih rice fields in Bali

While we have seen many rice fields in Java and in the rest of Indonesia, the rice terraces o ...

Sunset between the clouds in Gunung Lawu, Indonesia

This year we decided to spend an alternative Easter. Far away from our families in the bigges ...

A magic place in Kefalonia island: Melissani cave

We still have so many amazing places to write about, but time is not always our friend. Last ...

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