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View of the ghost town of Mystras after a rainy day

View of the ghost town of MystrasView of the ghost town of Mystras

The ghost town of Mystras, abandoned almost 2 centuries ago, was an unexpected surprise during our trip in Greece. It's the main attraction of the city of Sparti, situated a few kilometers away. Mystras brings the scars of the Ottoman invasion it suffered in the past, and of time taking back this abandoned jewel.

Browsing photos in internet we were not sure if we wanted to visit it it or not, but after doing so, we can say that in reality it's much nicer and more interesting than it can be described by any image. It's much bigger than it looks, so it deserves several hours for a full visit!

Camping in a cave in Mani region, Greece

Davide in front of the fire in a caveDavide in front of the fire in a cave

We have been in Peloponnesos in Greece for the last for weeks, mostly camping since there aren't many residents in the area to look for hospitality. Many houses in the villages were actually abandoned. This picture of me taken by Oti, is well representing our last weeks on the road, with no electricity and internet to update our website. We were brought to this cave in Mani Region by a driver that picked us up while hitchhiking and was taking his dog to walk in the area in the morning. A very peaceful place directly on the beach and with sea view from the tent.

Parthenon at night, Athens

The Parthenon at night seen from Lycabettus HillThe Parthenon at night seen from Lycabettus Hill

One of the characteristics that stroke me the most in Athens, was its structure, being built over a valley that looks like an amphitheater looking at the Parthenon on top of the Acropolis hill, simulating a stage. So basically the possible point of views of the Parthenon are endless. But one of the best viewpoint to appreciate the panorama is definitely Lycabettus Hill. We went there right before sunset, so that we could enjoy the view with daylight, at sunset and at night. After the darkness covered Athens, and the Parthenon dressed his best dress of light, the view was quite dramatic. The Parthenon was standing colorful over the Acropolis, the only note of color, contrasting with the gray-blue tint of the city. To finish this...

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Digital Nomads in the Greek island of Evia

The view from our Cottage in Evia IslandThe view from our Cottage in Evia Island

It has been almost 2 weeks now that we are housesitting in the Greek Island of Evia experimenting with our Digital Nomads lifestyle. While it is very close to Athens (45 km by bus and 45 min by ferry) it is a very remote location: we are on the south east of Evia Island (Also called Euboea) 30 min driving from the closest village. We are having a nice time here, even if we had some secondary problems, in particular with satellite internet that didn't work for 10 days, and only yesterday I was able to fix it after a long effort. During the day there is an amazing view of the surroundings, and at night the clear sky is welcoming us full of stars. At the same time it's sometimes a little bit spooky. Yesterday night the sky was eventually...

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Beautiful view of Kardzhali Reservoir, Bulgaria

 View over an oxbow in Kardzhali Reservoir - DamView over an oxbow in Kardzhali Reservoir - Dam

Four days ago we went hiking in the area of Kardzhali, in the south of Bulgaria, and we were really impressed with the views. We were looking in particular for a specific viewpoint of the Kardzhali Reservoir, an artificial lake constricted by two dams. About three years ago when I was in Sofia, I visited an open air photo exhibition of places to visit in Bulgaria. The captions were in Cyrillic, so I couldn't understand anything, but I took a photo of a picture showing an amazing oxbow, not knowing where was it. Three years later I found out it was in the area of Kardhzali, and then analyzing the satellite images I was able to find the exact spot. Despite the weather wasn't the best, it was a beautiful hike to reach the viewpoint...

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Rainy day in Barcelona

Rainy day in BarcelonaRainy day in Barcelona

After visiting the Museum "La Virreina - Centre de la Imatge" in Barcelona, just a few steps from La Rambla, we had to wait under the portico for the rain to stop. The contrast between the darkness of the interior and the light outside diffused by the rain, while the people were waiting still, was quite sugestive and intense.

Night view from Piazzale Michelangelo of Florence Cathedral

Night view of Florence CathedralNight view of Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) is one of the main attraction of the Tuscan Capital. One of the best places to admire it is Piazzale Michelangelo, an open square sligthly elevated compared to the city center, from where to have an amazing view over Florence Cathedral and Brunelleschi dome. It's also the perfect place to enjoy the best sunset with the view of "Ponte Vecchio" and the water of Arno river turning red.

View of the Danube Delta in Romania

A view of the Danube Delta in RomaniaA view of the Danube Delta in Romania

This "idyllic" view was shot in the Danube Delta in Romania, exactly at the confluence between the second biggest european river and the Black Sea, in the surrounding of the village "Sfantu Gheorghe", one of the most popular destination in Danube Delta togheter with "Sulina".
The village was previously a fisherman hamlet, today reconverted to touristic destination. It gets very busy in particular in August, because of an indipendent movie festival called "Anonimul". Danube Delta is considered to be the third place in the world with the biggest biodiversity.

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