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We welcome our guest-traveler that is writing for Nomad Travellers about Barbados and water sports!
"There are some of us who just aren’t happy dipping our toes in the water. You won’t find us wading undecidedly into the ocean and turning back once the water gets to our knees. Those inflatable floating lounge chairs? I don’t even want to entertain that idea. Nope, for us watersports addicts, the sea is an opportunity for adventure. It’s a blank canvas, just waiting for us to draw the waves.

My most recent holiday to Barbados provided me with top activities to satisfy my love for the ocean. The Caribbean island is a heaven for watersports fans. There wasn’t a single day of my trip that wasn’t spent in the ocean. If you fancy an active trip to this friendly island, here’s a brief guide.

Why Barbados?

Barbados is not your average Caribbean island. Yes, it has the beautiful beaches, the delightful weather and the delicious Caribbean cuisine, packed with flavors and spices. Barbados holidays certainly never go out of style, but the island is more than just a touristic destination.
Barbados has a depth of character that sets it apart. As travel guide Lonely Planet puts it, there’s a lot that “lies behind the surf and sand.” If you can deprive yourself away from the beach for a bit, a trip to the capital Bridgetown is a real treat.
When it comes to watersports, however, Bajan (the abbreviation of “Barbadian”) beaches truly are a class above. From the rougher waves of its East Coast, to the calm waters of the West, Barbados doesn’t discriminate. Experts, beginners and everyone in between will feel comfortable surfing in Barbados.  


What to do

What’s your favorite watersport? You name it and Barbados will provide it for you. The island is particularly ideal for surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
With most of the island’s coastline boasting an 80-feet visibility, there’s no better way to appreciate the crystal clear waters than by kayaking. Similarly, snorkeling or diving “with the turtles” is a popular activity for anyone wanting to get familiar with the country’s beautiful sea life. Barbados also offers a fairly thrilling surf experience for those who like to ride the waves. Its windier East Coast is also ideal for windsurfing. 

Where to go

While there are many beautiful beaches along Barbados’ perimeter, Surfer’s Point (as the name implies) on the island’s South Coast is perhaps the best for watersports. Made up of multiple adjoining beaches, Surfer’s Point has managed to maintain its rustic beauty in spite of its wild popularity. With several surf shops and rental companies located in this area, you’ll have no trouble finding a board to rent.
Another top spot for watersports on the South Coast is local hangout Silver Sands beach. With bright white sands, a constant breeze and a bar located right around the corner, Silver Sands is a favorite among watersports enthusiasts.
Alternatively, the calmer beaches of Barbados' West Coast, also known as the Platinum Coast, may be preferable for kayaking, particularly if you are traveling with children. Check out the beautiful Paynes Bay, as well as the popular beaches of Fresh Water Bay a bit further south.
So, now that you have a rough guide to the Bajan watersports scene, the only thing left to do is experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!"

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