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How can we afford to travel non stop?  


  • Travelling by ferry in Indonesia: our photo reportage from an overcrowded Pelni vessel

    Passengers filling up every inch of the Pelni ferryPassengers filling up every inch of the Pelni ferry

    The idea of travelling by ferry in Indonesia can be frightening for first time visitors, given the high amount of accidents happening on Indonesian waters and news coverage. But the state owned company Pelni has revealed to be safe for the last 30 years or so, as we explained in our previous article about the safety of

  • Story of a man along the "Balkan Route"

    And then it happens that after weeks you have been escaping from oppression with your wife and six kids, paying dozens of thousands of euros to smugglers, being shot by the police in Iran, crossing the country on the trunk of a car compressed with other 3 people and struggling to breath, walking three days and three nights without

  • My map of religious diversity according to country of birth

    Religious diversity mapReligious diversity map

    For some time I had this idea in mind, and now that I spared a couple of hours I put it into practice. I wanted to create a map about religious diversity, showing how most of the people in the world choose their religion (actually they are assigned their religion at birth) according to their family and country, and not according

  • Hitchhiking Social Experiment In Malaysia: Malay, Chinese or Indian?

    In Malaysia it's all about ethnic groups. Since the first moment we entered we had to face the reality that 3 main different ethnics groups are living together but somehow separated, mixing in some cases, staying on their own in others.

    Out of curiosity, since the first ride we took coming from Singapore, we started to count the

  • Portrait of a local woman in a traditional Indoensian village

    Portrait of a local woman in Nage village, FloresPortrait of a local woman in Nage village, Flores

    This is a portrait I took of a local woman in the village of Nage, in Flores, Indonesia. Nage is one of many traditional villages (Bena, Bela, etc.) in the surroundings of Bajawa, built at the feet of Gunung Inerie.

    After camping the previous night next to a hot spring water, we were invited in the morning by the guardian to

  • A real Dayak Funeral Ceremony in Borneo

    Men sitting at a commemorative funeral Dayak ceremonyMen sitting at a commemorative funeral Dayak ceremony

    Right after our arrival in Borong Tongkok, our host Yana, started to look for real Dayak experiences, and soon we were told of a sacrificial Buffalo killing and commemorative Dayak Funeral celebration not far away. Coherent with our beliefs and ethics, we declined the beheading of the Buffalo, but we were enthusiastic to accept

  • Discovering Dayak daily life in Eheng Longhouse

    The Dayak Longhouse in Eheng in all of its lenghtThe Dayak Longhouse in Eheng in all of its lenght

    If you are cruising the Mahakam River, most probably one of your primary goals is to experience Dayak Culture. And what is most valuable than visiting the traditional dwelling of this former tribal etnhic group indigenous to Borneo, in particular if still inhabited? After attending a Dayak funeral ceremony the previous night, we

  • Interview with Allen Myers, traveler, artist, photographer and documentarist

    Allen's street photo exhibition in Caceres, SpainAllen's street photo exhibition in Caceres, Spain

    We are at the fifth appointment with our travellers interview series, and today we talk with Allen, an inspired artist, taking life as it is coming and living his unconventional existence as a gift. 

    My name is Allen Myers, Im from a small town called Paradise, in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevadas. On February 2, 2006

  • Interview with Nathan, traveling with his family on a vintage 1976 Airstream travel trailer

    THe vintage 1976 Airstream travel trailer in BanffTHe vintage 1976 Airstream travel trailer in Banff

    We are at the third interview of our World Travellers interviews. Today we get inspired with Nathan that has been traveling non stop for five full years, mostly with his Recreational vehicle (RV). But the most amazing part of it, is that they are a family of five and two of the kids were born on the road!


    Hi there, my

  • Traveling with a kid: interview with Talon of 1dad1kid

    Talon and Tigger enoying the deep seaTalon and Tigger enoying the deep sea

    Today with have the pleasure to interview Talon that has been traveling with his kid Tigger for the last three years. An inspiring article for people that believe having a child means to stop exploring the world. Find out how they travel, where they go and how they fund their trips.




    We are a father/son

  • Full time travelers interview: Diana, Mike and their RV

    Enjoying a camp-fire in Arizona in front of the RVEnjoying a camp-fire in Arizona in front of the RV

    With today interview we have the pleasure to get to know Diana that has been traveling non stop for the last year with her boyfriend Mike in their RV!

    My name is Diana. My boyfriend (Mike), two dogs (Strider and Gemma), cat (Phoenix) and I live and travel full time in our RV. We are both Canadian, I am 24 and Mike is 28. Before

  • World traveler interview: Radu Paltineanu

    Radu on his way to Stockholm, Sweden, 2013Radu on his way to Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

    With this article we start our new series of world travelers interviews! We will post a new interview every week, learning from the experts and getting inspired.  This time it's the Romanian-Canadian Radu to inspire us!

    My name is Radu and I am originally from Romania, a country of contrasts, somehow stuck between the East

  • Homestay in the Himalaya: an unforgettable birthday in Nepal

    Family photo of my birthday celebration in NepalFamily photo of my birthday celebration in Nepal

    Corn fields in Dithal, with the Himalaya visible on the backgroundCorn fields in Dithal, with the Himalaya visible on the backgroundIf I think of the most surprising birthday I've ever had in my life, it was no doubt my 29th birthday celebrated while I was in the Himalaya in Nepal, in a homestay with a local family.

    After trekking for three weeks the Annapurna Circuit and further away, I went back to my basecamp in Pokhara. After such an amazing experience

  • Who is behind this travel blog? An insight into the life of two gypsy travellers

    Davide and Oti, off dutyDavide and Oti, off duty

    We recognized that while we write many articles in our travel blog about places that we visit, we say how amazing they are, we upload photos, and we tell you how to go there, we never say anything about us, and more than that we rarely put photos of the gypsy travellers in action! So we thought about making up for this mistake

  • Homeless in the main square of Naples

    Homeless "closet" in Piazza del Plebiscito, NaplesHomeless "closet" in Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples

    Even homeless people care for their belongings. This is what we found in the main square of Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito: these luggages waiting for the night to come and their owner to come back. A very central place to live.

  • An artic story from a Norwegian island: how I met Bonnie and Clyde

    Beautiful landscape from Hol i Tjeldsund, in the North of NorwayBeautiful landscape from Hol i Tjeldsund, in the North of Norway

    Before I got to find out their names,
    I already knew how I was going to remember them.




    We were hitchhiking in North of Norway from Narvik to Bardufos in a sunny winter day. It felt good like in the summer days, just that now the sunflower fields were replaced by tones of goldish snow putting down to the

  • My visit to Dharavi Slum in Mumbai

    The entrance to Dharavi slum, through a bridge overpassing the railway

    An insight inside Dharavi Slum, one of the biggest indian slum with a population estimated between 600.000 and 1.000.000 people, situated in the economical heart of the sub-continent, Mumbai. Once know as Bombay, today this megalopolis count over 12 millions inhabitants most of whom still have to fight for their daily survival in

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View of Land's End arch and cliffs in Cornwall

Today we were lucky to manage to hitchhike to Land's End, one of the extremities of United Ki ...

Transfagarasan road in Romania seen at night

I took this photo on my second night spent camping next to Balea Lake, after hitchhiking on t ...

Fireworks in front of Castel San'Angelo in Rome

Since some years on June 29th in Rome, there is a historical representation called "La girand ...

Portrait of a local woman in a traditional Indoensian village

This is a portrait I took of a local woman in the village of Nage, in Flores, Indonesia. Nage ...

Sunrise in Jatiluwih rice fields in Bali

While we have seen many rice fields in Java and in the rest of Indonesia, the rice terraces o ...

Sunset between the clouds in Gunung Lawu, Indonesia

This year we decided to spend an alternative Easter. Far away from our families in the bigges ...

A magic place in Kefalonia island: Melissani cave

We still have so many amazing places to write about, but time is not always our friend. Last ...

Sunset in Kasongan, Indonesia: red explosion

After the previous photo of the day, picturing the sunset in Paragritis beach, this is the sh ...

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