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  • Mount Rinjani trekking: night hike and sunrise on a volcano in Indonesia

    Davide and Oti on top of Mount RinjaniDavide and Oti on top of Mount Rinjani

    Our Rinjani Trekking mini series:

    Day 1: Hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    Day 1: Camping on the ridge of the crater

    Day 2: Night hike and sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani

    Day 2: Reaching Lake Segara Anak and the hot springs

    Day 3-4: A beautiful forest and the second best viewpoint

    Extra: How to choose a reliable trekking
  • Gunung Rinjani trekking: camping on the ridge of the crater

    Sunset view from our tent on the ridge of Mount RinjaniSunset view from our tent on the ridge of Mount Rinjani

    Our Rinjani Trekking mini series:

    Day 1: Hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    Day 1: Camping on the ridge of the crater

    Day 2: Night hike and sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani

    Day 2: Reaching Lake Segara Anak and the hot springs

    Day 3-4: A beautiful forest and the second best viewpoint

    Extra: How to choose a
  • Rinjani Trekking: forest and viewpoint of the Indonesian volcano

    Rolling hills at the feet of Mount RinjaniRolling hills at the feet of Mount Rinjani


    Our Rinjani Trekking mini series:

    Day 1: Hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    Day 1: Camping on the ridge of the crater

    Day 2: Night hike and sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani

    Day 2: Reaching Lake Segara Anak and the hot springs

    Day 3-4: A beautiful forest and the second best viewpoint

    Extra: How to choose a reliable trekking
  • Mount Rinjani trekking: hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    A porter hiking towards the summit of Mount RinjaniA porter hiking towards the summit of Mount Rinjani


    Our Rinjani Trekking mini series:

    Day 1: Hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    Day 1: Camping on the ridge of the crater

    Day 2: Night hike and sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani

    Day 2: Reaching Lake Segara Anak and the hot springs

    Day 3-4: A beautiful forest and the second best viewpoint

    Extra: How to choose a reliable trekking
  • Trekking Mount Rinjani: hot springs and crater Lake Segara Anak

    View of the hotspring next to Segara Anak lake in Mount RinjaniView of the hotspring next to Segara Anak lake in Mount Rinjani

    Our Rinjani Trekking mini series:

    Day 1: Hiking through a Savannah like landscape

    Day 1: Camping on the ridge of the crater

    Day 2: Night hike and sunrise on the summit of Mount Rinjani

    Day 2: Reaching Lake Segara Anak and the hot springs

    Day 3-4: A beautiful forest and the second best viewpoint

    Extra: How to choose a
  • Hitchhiking to Sofia, Bulgaria

    Yesterday we had a new great start of a new trip! Our "Travel for Peace" new mission, traveling toward the Serbian border to volunteer with fellow humans escaping their homes and forced to endure huge challenges and ask asylum in a foreigner country, usually referred to as "Refugees". But about this more in the next days.  
    Otilia? as usual was really late and at 12am she was still at home packing. After leaving home our luck started to change, and everything came exactly when we needed it: free wifi, a host in Sofia, an offered lunch, Oti's health card withdrawn just minutes before leaving.
    At 8pm we were already in Sophia, 7 hours away if you have a private car according to google maps, and basically the same if you hitchhike with the luck on your side, including a lunch gently offered by one of our super funny drivers.
    We tested all our language abilities and communicated in Spanish with the first driver, Romanian with the second and English with the third, while they were all Bulgarian. Now you can't say anymore that Bulgarians don't speak foreign languages!
    We arrived in time in Sofia to meet our friend Stanislav? in the center and be later welcomed at his place!
    Sadly Davide? couldn't meet also his old friend Desita?, but maybe next time we'll have more luck.
    A great new beginning, we are looking forward for the next days!

  • Hitchhiking Social Experiment In Malaysia: Malay, Chinese or Indian?

    In Malaysia it's all about ethnic groups. Since the first moment we entered we had to face the reality that 3 main different ethnics groups are living together but somehow separated, mixing in some cases, staying on their own in others.

    Out of curiosity, since the first ride we took coming from Singapore, we started to count the ethnicity of each driver.

    Tomorrow morning we are leaving by ferry to Thailand, so we can declare finished the competition!

    And the winner is... wait, wait! It's more complicated than it looks.

    We got the following rides in about 1 month of travel:

    Malay: 14

    Chinese: 11

    Indians: 8

    Pakistani (all from Peshawar): 3

    Thai: 1


    You might think that Malays are the winners, but actually we should relate the number of rides to the percentage or population by ethnic groups!

    Better would be the percentage of car owners by ethnic groups, and then to take into consideration the ethnicity in each region of travel, but it would get too complicated for a funny game, and I don't know where to get those data.

    According to Wikipedia, Malay are about 60%, Chinese 24% and Indians 7%. If we divide the number of rides by the percentage we get:

    Malay: 0,23 rides (for each point of percentage)

    Chinese: 0,46

    Indians: 1,14

    Surprise! The ranking is actually reverse and Indians are the winner with more than double the rides of Chinese and 5 times more than Malays!

    So our conclusion is that if you are hitchhiking in Malaysia, you have more chances to get a ride with a Malay, but actually Indians are the most generous!

  • Luxe Outdoor Sil Habitat Review - Lightweight 2 person tent

    Luxe Outdoor Sil Habitat tent, inner mesh only set upLuxe Outdoor Sil Habitat tent, inner mesh only set up

    The new Luxe Outdoor Sil Habitat is a 2 person lightweight tent offering space and comfort in a limited weight, at a reasonable price.
    We have recently received the Sil Habitat Tent, evolution of the Luxe Outdoor Habitat tent reviewed some months ago. We are really satisfied with the previous version of the Habitat, and in fact it's the tent that we carry around in our travel rucksacks during our backpacking trips, so we were eager to test also this new development.

    The new Luxe Outdoor Sil Habitat, managed to raise even more the level reached by the Habitat, creating an even more spacious tent with a slightly lighter weight. The new Sil Habitat won't replace our beloved Habitat mainly because of the colour (while it is available also in a more natural Green army colour, we have received the Purple one as a testing sample), but we are sure it will make happy many new customers: taller users in particular will be eager to know that it was redesigned in particular to offer them more room and comfort while camping.

    There is no suggested price in the Luxe Outdoor official website, but searching for retailers online we could find it from 170€ in Indonesia, to 210€ in France, 160£ in UK and up to 450$ from Chinese retailers.

    Luxe Outdoor Sil Habitat Specifications and content 

    Specifications as published in the official

  • Alcohol, illegal traffic and a gun: our worst experience ever hitchhiking, from Thethi to Shkod?r

    In five years I'm travelling hitchhiking, I've never felt like I was in a bad situation, and I've always, and I still, have considered it a safe technique. But just because of a matter of statistic, we eventually run into an incredible series of bad events, while in the Albanian Alps we were trying to go from Thethi to Shkod?r, that we remember so far as our worst experience ever hitchhiking.

    (Note: This post, rather than an immediate report, is a memory of events happened in June 2014)

    If you have read our previous story about our hike from Valbona to Thethi, you already know about the amazing sceneries we have seen and that Oti was eventually bitten by a dog.

    View of the Albanian AlpsView of the Albanian Alps
    While the story might look long, after visiting Thethi the next day, it was still morning time when we finished exploring the lock-in-tower, and we decided to leave Thethi to go back to Shkod?r the easy way, having had enough adrenaline the previous day.
    Easy way meaning going on the road where the bus was coming and trying to hitchhike only until the first bus would arrive. And so we did and a furgon soon arrived. We couldn't communicate in English but asking for Shkod?r the driver made a sign to jump in.

    "Local wildlife" in Thethi: Oti bitten by a dog

    Our first approach with Thethi, a village in the Albanian Alps, wasn't the best you could wish for.
    While we were hiking from Valbona to Thethi, we knew there were possibilities of encounters with bears, wolves and wild boars, but we didn't consider the possibility to be attacked by a Shepard dog.

    (Note: This post, rather than an immediate report, is a memory of events happened in June 2014)

    Sheeps on Thethi river bedSheeps on Thethi river bed
    After arriving in Thethi, we just hid our big rucksacks somewhere in a canal, and went to search for a camping place to stay. There were several options, still around 2$ per night, but we knew from our readings before the trip, that there were some free camping places in the village. Since we were not in a hurry, we decide to take a stroll, have a first impression of the village and consider all the accommodation options available.
    While on our way to the village a big dog passed just next to us, apparently scared of our presence. We managed to overtake him but once he was out of sight, Oti felt a sudden pain to her leg: for some strange reason the dog decide cowardly to bite her calf muscle before running away.

    The dog that</span></a></p>...				</span>
									<li class=

    Interview with Allen Myers, traveler, artist, photographer and documentarist

    We are at the fifth appointment with our travellers interview series, and today we talk with Allen, an inspired artist, taking life as it is coming and living his unconventional existence as a gift. 

    Allen's street photo exhibition in Caceres, SpainAllen's street photo exhibition in Caceres, Spain

    My name is Allen Myers, Im from a small town called Paradise, in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevadas. On February 2, 2006, I was walking to take a biology test at Humboldt State University, when I realized that the path that was laid before me, in that my identity was going to be built and structured by a system that I never really signed up for, it was given and it was up to me to either perpetuate that construct or look for something else. I decided to give everything I owned away and buy a one way plane ticket to the farthest place I could find. I would let the world take its course in my life rather than fighting for an identity that wasn?t for me.

    So, how have you started your new life?

    I landed in Turin Italy, as the winter Olympics were halfway through and I could get cheap flights to Turin. I had no idea where I was staying or what was next. I ended up meeting a student from France there on holiday, I shared my intentions and my reasons. He invited me back to his families farm in Grenoble, France. From there I have stayed in hundreds of homes, in hundreds of different towns and cities all over the world. I was searching for the baseline of human existence, the foundation.

    What's the best memory you keep from your travels?

    There are so many incredible memories that I have from this, each time that something new happens or when the

  • World traveler interview: Radu Paltineanu

    With this article we start our new series of world travelers interviews! We will post a new interview every week, learning from the experts and getting inspired.  This time it's the Romanian-Canadian Radu to inspire us!

    Radu on his way to Stockholm, Sweden, 2013Radu on his way to Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

    My name is Radu and I am originally from Romania, a country of contrasts, somehow stuck between the East and the West. However, when I was 15 I and my parents decided to relocate to Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada and I’ve been mostly living here ever since, even though I did and still do move around a lot.
    I will soon turn 25 but I’ve been traveling a lot since early childhood. My parents and grandparents were probably the first ones to inspire me to travel, and moving to Canada in 2004 gave me a whole new perspective about traveling and the world. It only made me more curious to discover and understand other cultures. Since then I have travelled to about 30 countries on 3 different continents and once you get the travel bug, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. Also besides traveling I started last year to do cycle-tourism and rode my bike from Denmark to Romania and I have big plans for the future in regard to that activity. Last but not least I practice rock climbing and mountaineering on a regular basis during summer time and plan on summiting some important peaks in the years to come.

    When you started travelling and why?

    When I turned 18, my godmother offered me as a present a ticket to Australia. She traveled to more than 60 countries and at the time she thought she might transmit her travel bug to her godson as well. What a wise choice from her part when I look back on it.
    That summer I got to explore most

  • Salewa Ramble GTX WS review

    Salewa Ramble GTX Women's modelSalewa Ramble GTX Women's model

    It's been a long time since I first started to understand the importance of quality shoes while travelling long-term. It's not just about comfort and durability but also about finding footwear that can be adaptable to your needs, chameleonic in the way that you can count on a single pair of shoes for multiple purposes. Testing the Salewa Ramble GTX women's model, I became enthusiastic to write this review.


    Trying the Salewa Ramble GTX WS on sloping landTrying the Salewa Ramble GTX WS on sloping landI was more than happy to receive the newprototype WS Ramble GTXtravel shoes from Salewa, which haveall the features I was asking for....

  • Who is behind this travel blog? An insight into the life of two gypsy travellers

    Davide and Oti, off dutyDavide and Oti, off duty

    We recognized that while we write many articles in our travel blog about places that we visit, we say how amazing they are, we upload photos, and we tell you how to go there, we never say anything about us, and more than that we rarely put photos of the gypsy travellers in action! So we thought about making up for this mistake and to offer you an insight into our lives while we travel, and while we are "in vacation", that is while we are off duty at home.
    When we visit our families we like to relax and have fun when we can, as you can see from the cover photo, but the reality is that often we are at the PC, updating the website, dreaming about our next destinations and more than all, organizing our insane amount of photos and videos! Yes, you wouldn't believe it, but we have also plenty of video material, that unfortunately struggle to "see the light" and got blocked somewhere in between dimensions. Our You-Tube channel is kind of craving for new videos, and it can't wait for Oti to fill it up with new amazing adventures! And if you still don't believe me, there is a proof!

  • Travel Backpack: Highlander Discovery 85 liter review

    Highlander Discovery 85L backpaking and travel backpackHighlander Discovery 85L backpaking and travel backpackIt's time for the review of my new Highlander Discovery 85 liter travel backpack, that I bought a couple of months ago. I was able to use it while backpacking only on short trips so far, so I'll need more testing on the long run for durability.
    After over 10 years that I've been using my Ferrino Young 90 liter backpack,  it was time for him to take a rest and a well deserved pension period after so many adventures we had together.
    I did search for a long time for my new travel backpack, I mean for months. I was looking for a good quality backpack, affordable and light, and it wasn't an easy combination. And  while I was looking for it I was in Italy and the options available in the shops weren't too many. So I eventually decided to buy it online, even if it was risky, since I couldn't try it to see if it was fitting my body.

    And in fact a first time I bought a High Peak Cirrus 75 (I will review it shortly), but I had to send it back, since despite being a good one, was too small for my needs. And yes, the second try was the final one, and I'm totally satisfied so far with my Highlander Discovery 85 liter backpack!

    Given the size I would consider it a very good choice for backpackers into long travels or trekking trips, while it might be too big as an hiking backpack or for short trips in general. Even if for many backpackers 85L might looks like a lot, I'm (unfortunately) not an ultralight backpacker. ...

  • How to earn money online for traveling? Beware of scams

    Are you craving for travels? Do you need to raise some cash and you are wondering how to earn money online? In this case the first tip I should give you is to always verify reviews and other users' experiences of the system you want to use, to understand if it's a real opportunity or a scam. Unfortunately many people are taking advantage of others' need to raise an income. Too much enthusiasm seeing easy ways to earn money online is not a positive reaction, making you an easy prey to be scammed.
    There are different types of scams, the most know probably is the pyramidal scheme, where you are making richer the owner of the system, lying in a beach in Thailand, while you are selling, doing affiliate marketing, or finding new adepts for his businness. While you might still do some little money, you are not obtaining the freedom you were lookig for.

    Scams always start with a bait, exploiting your enthusiasm for earning money online

    Recently I was attracted by a book in offer in Amazon, that for a limited period of time was possible to take for free instead of paying the 4$ of the eBook version. The title is "7 Secrets To Living The Laptop Lifestyle: How To Get Paid To Travel In 90 Days Or Less!": I'm not linking on purpose to the book since I'm not suggesting you to buy it.
    The title looked interesting, and I thought it might have been a good source of knowledge to increase what I already knew and published in my previous article "Traveling jobs: 22 ideas to make money for your trips", that by the way I suggest you to check to find out serious methods to earn money online. We are talking about little money here, nobody will make you millionaire in a few weeks, don't believe the claims done in books and websites like the one I'm talking about.
    In my case I didn't lose any money, since I didn't pay anything for the book, and I didn't apply to the programs (or scams? I didn't try) suggested by the author, but I lost my time for reading the book and I felt scammed anyway.

    Review of a book as a practical example

    There is a lot of incoherence in the book "7 Secrets To Living The Laptop Lifestyle: How To Get Paid To Travel In 90 Days Or Less!". In the first half the author is trying to convince you to quit your job,

  • Money saving tips: how to budget your money and plan your cheap trips

    Learn how to budget your money for travelingLearn how to budget your money for traveling

    People are always asking us how to become a gypsy traveller and how to afford a perpetual trip. Actually there are a lot of vagabonds even travelling without money, so we are not doing anything special: you just need to have a strong will to do it. But in case your will is still not strong enough, we thought about giving you some more valuable money saving tips to be able to plan your next cheap trips. There is actually no real secret, you just have to know how to budget your money and learn to be frugal: but we'll give you some examples. Backpackers are often asking us also how to plan a trip to the Northern countries to see Northern Lights, since it's believed to be one of the most expensive trips.
    In this article we will combine the two, and give you the answer that you wanted to hear: it is possible to travel on the cheap even in the most expensive countries of the world.

    We usually consider 200€ per month as a maximum budget in Europe, where we have no visa and travel insurance to pay, independently of the country we are traveling in, but we are always below that maximum.

    General money saving tips for Gypsy travellers

    We already

  • Injections of happiness in our vains: couchsurfing experiences

    Nice and happy dinner table Nice and happy dinner table

    After a long period in which were cut off from our trips and dreams, and we couldn't think of anything positive, eventually we had some good days with our couchsurfing hosts.
    Some moments in which we could stop thinking about our problems and feel like if we are travelling, even if we actually are "stuck" in Romania for undetermined time, giving all of our support and energies.
    Since yesterday we are at Benjamin and Maria's place, a very sweet and interesting German-Romanian couple. The first day we shared the "brunch" table also with a French and a Polish hitchhiker. An unusual situation, with 6 hitchhikers, each one from a different country, and by chance sitting at the same table, sharing great stories at turn, enjoying each other without anybody being the "star" or doing monologues. Then a nice tea at Raluca's place, another nice couchsurfer that invited us at her place, taking care of an overactive and little artistic girl.
    Tonight the table was shared not only with Ben and Maria but also with a Taiwanese couple in their 60ies. They have been travelling for the last 7 years (6 months per year) enjoying their retirement period and still young and enthusiastic about life like teenagers. It has been really interesting listening to their stories but also enjoying their peculiar mimics and smiles. We even got our names written in Taiwanese!
    In this moment I have a nice feeling of satisfaction and peace, I've been missing this for a long time, and that's why it came the "inspiration" to share this moment of happiness.
    And previously another great couchsurfing experience with Radu, his

  • Our bad experience with Student Agency and the bus from Vienna to Brno

    With a last minute decision taken on the same day, we chose to attend a workshop in Czech Republic, to learn how to climb trees and build tree houses. Since European Union was reimbursing us 70% of the travel cost, this time we decided to go by train and bus, instead of hitchhiking, with a total 30 hours trip by land, so that we could avoid the pollution of the most polluting mean of transportation, the airplane. We took a first night train from Rome to Vienna, where Oti experienced for the first time in her life sleeping in a couchette. In Vienna in the morning, we had to wait about 5 hours for our bus from Vienna to Brno, since the ones before were all full booked. So we passed our time in Prater park, just a few hundreds meter from the bus stop of "Student Agency" our coach comapny. When we thought it was missing 20 minutes for the bus to arrive, we went to the bus stop, and we saw from the other side of the road a yellow coach leaving. We got a little bit worried, but we hoped that was just the bus coming from Vienna and not the one going to Vienna. Eventually asking to the people around, I found out that my watch was 9 minutes late, but this mean we still arrived at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time. After 20 more minutes waiting, our hopes dropped completely. This meant that we lost not only the bus from Vienna to Brno, but also two more train connections after Brno. We decided to call the customer care number, asking at least to put us for free in the next bus, that was still having free places. Just a partial compensation, since we would have lost anyway our train connections already paid, and we would have arrived late at the training. It was their fault and it was ridiculous that the bus driver left earlier even if he knew there were people coming, since we bought our tickets in advance. After several minutes in an expensive international call with the company, Student Agency, the employee decided to call the driver and ask him, but he stated he left even after the scheduled time, clearly a lie since we even took a video of the bus on the other side of the road, with the hour of the video clearly showing the lie.

    Have you ever slept in a toilet? We did! Our longest day hitchhiking over the Arctic Circle in Norway

    Oti hitchhiking in the snow in NorwayOti hitchhiking in the snow in Norway

    One of the strongest memories we keep from our last trip in Norway while hunting for the Northern Lights, is hitchhiking over the Arctic Circle from the city of Fauske trying to go north; an epopee that kept us stuck for 26 hours in the same spot under heavy snow and forced us to sleep in a toilet! Hopefully an hitchhiking marathon that we won't repeat anymore :)

    Getting stuck over the Arctic Circle

    A snow-plough in action to clean the roadA snow-plough in action to clean the roadIt was still autumn, the end of October 2012, but winter had arrived in advance, so it was plenty of snow in the surroundings. The weather was quite bad even when we were there, it was alternating snow storms to cloudy sky. We weren't

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 Where are we now: England

 Going to:  Wales, Scotland

View of Land's End arch and cliffs in Cornwall

  Today we were lucky to manage to hitchhike to Land's End, one of the extremities of U ...

Transfagarasan road in Romania seen at night

I took this photo on my second night spent camping next to Balea Lake, after hitchhiking on t ...

Fireworks in front of Castel San'Angelo in Rome

Since some years on June 29th in Rome, there is a historical representation called "La girand ...

Portrait of a local woman in a traditional Indoensian village

This is a portrait I took of a local woman in the village of Nage, in Flores, Indonesia. Nage ...

Sunrise in Jatiluwih rice fields in Bali

While we have seen many rice fields in Java and in the rest of Indonesia, the rice terraces o ...

Sunset between the clouds in Gunung Lawu, Indonesia

This year we decided to spend an alternative Easter. Far away from our families in the bigges ...

A magic place in Kefalonia island: Melissani cave

We still have so many amazing places to write about, but time is not always our friend. Last ...

Sunset in Kasongan, Indonesia: red explosion

After the previous photo of the day, picturing the sunset in Paragritis beach, this is the sh ...

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