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  • Detail of a Christmas Tree in BerlinDetail of a Christmas Tree in Berlin

    Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen at Christmas timeTivoli Garden in Copenhagen at Christmas timeWhile we are not fans of the commercial aspect of the Christmas Markets, last year during our trip back from Norway to Romania, we passed at Christmas time through some European capitals, and we were able to experience some genuine Christmas Spirit. We are not pretending to say what are the best Christmas Markets in Europe, but

  • Casino Constanta seen from the seaside promenadeCasino Constanta seen from the seaside promenade

    Detail of one of the apsesDetail of one of the apsesSince the first time I went to visit the second biggest city of Romania, I felt in love with the majestic Casino in Constanta, lying on the seaside of the city.
    During our short trip in 2012 to admire the rare phenomenon of the Black Sea getting frozen, we made our first report of the Casino's conditions.
    In that occasion Oti

  • Nice and happy dinner table Nice and happy dinner table

    After a long period in which were cut off from our trips and dreams, and we couldn't think of anything positive, eventually we had some good days with our couchsurfing hosts.
    Some moments in which we could stop thinking about our problems and feel like if we are travelling, even if we actually are "stuck" in Romania for

  • View of the tree house made of 5 connected platforms, we built during the trainingView of the tree house made of 5 connected platforms, we built during the training

    The completed tree house seen from the bottomThe completed tree house seen from the bottomWe are just back after another interesting experience in Czech Republic, an 8 days workshop to learn how to climb trees and build tree houses.
    Travel cost were reimbursed 70% by European Union, that is funding also lodging and board: a very good opportunity to make a new great experience and travel on a budget. Eventually even

  • Screenshot from the video of the Student Agency bus Brno-Vienna leaving earlier, bus in the circleScreenshot from the video of the Student Agency bus Brno-Vienna leaving earlier, bus in the circle

    With a last minute decision taken on the same day, we chose to attend a workshop in Czech Republic, to learn how to climb trees and build tree houses. Since European Union was reimbursing us 70% of the travel cost, this time we decided to go by train and bus, instead of hitchhiking, with a total 30 hours trip by land, so that we

  • Panoramic view of Calcata in MarchPanoramic view of Calcata in March

    Last year we arrived in Rome just 2 days before Easter, specially to celebrate with Davide's family. When I heard that we were going to visit a traditional Italian village, Calcata, in the second day of Easter, I was imagining old people staying in front of their houses in a rocking chair with a fat cat purring in their

  • Pink Flamingos in the CamarguePink Flamingos in the Camargue

    After our first stop in Saint Marie de la Mer, we continued our exploration of the Camargue and Rhone Delta areas, visiting the fortified city of Aigues Mortes and its Salt Works, seeing plenty of pink flamingos on the way. Aigues Mortes literally means "Dead Water" because of the salty marshes that rule here since ancient

  • A Little Egret not far from Saintes Maries de la Mer, in a landscape full of contrastsA Little Egret not far from Saintes Maries de la Mer, in a landscape full of contrasts

    During our travel in south of France last year, we decided to visit the Camargue and the Rhone Delta region, packed with natural wonders and beautiful birds. We often heard about this destination on our trips, and we thought it was the perfect moment to catch the opportunity.

    Saintes Maries de la Mer

    Gypsys in Saintes Maries de la MerGypsys in Saintes Maries de la MerOur first stop was in the

  • Theatre, dance, street art and much more: that's what is the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow, an event not to be missed. Read more in this sponsored post written by Catherine.

    Glasgow has a fantastic artistic and cultural scene that often goes unsung. Once a year however, the people of Glasgow and many visitors to the city take

  • Our guest author Christy Root gives us a preview of what to expect from Uk in 2013. Keep reading!

    Bidding goodbye to 2012 was a great moment in UK as the country has been seen to celebrate extended weekend of Diamond Jubilee events, which were the series of mindboggling shows or programs, celebrated with extravagant and

  • A new inspiring Guest Post from one of our readers that fell in love with Portugal. After reading it you'll know where to go for your next holiday!

    Think of Portugal and you'll probably picture images of sun-drenched beaches and honey-coloured cliffs, bustling towns with holidaymakers ambling along the streets, stopping to peer

  • The first chapel of the Capuchin CryptThe first chapel of the Capuchin Crypt

    A bone chandelier in the Capuchin CryptA bone chandelier in the Capuchin CryptThe Capuchin Crypt is a famous Bone Church in Rome, decorated with 3700 skeletons. It is situated in the less suitable area for an ossuary, the fancy Via Veneto street, made popular by the movie "La Dolce Vita", right below the church of "Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini".
    After being in Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)

  • War marks on a block of flats in SarajevoWar marks on a block of flats in Sarajevo

    Besides the busy avenues crowded with tourists and attractions, Sarajevo's suburbs hide an intense history that shaped its international fame. I dedicate this second part of our story to the Bosnian War of Independence, with it's devastating Siege on Sarajevo, and the scars it left behind. About 20 years ago, the life of its

  •  While we were hitchhiking in Bosnia, we found diversity everywhere we went. We were amazed and intrigued by the contrast between the colorful touristic center of Sarajevo, dynamic Balkan music, busy night life and the dark history of war behind it.

    Take a coin, throw it in the air, and tell me what side it's facing you

  • A gondolier fishing from his gondola in the canals of VeniceA gondolier fishing from his gondola in the canals of Venice

    Venice is one of my favourite cities, and that's probably not that uncommon. What I like the most of Venice is not only the amazing architecture, the canals, the unusual, unique, decadent look: it's the silence. You wouldn't believe it since it's crowded with tourists, but the silence that you can experience in Venice, won't greet

  • The trunk of a dead tree in the Natural Reserve of Aniene ValleyThe trunk of a dead tree in the Natural Reserve of Aniene Valley

    Directions in Aniene ValleyDirections in Aniene ValleyIn these weeks of forced stop in Rome, my hometown, we are keeping us entertained with our bicycles. Cycling in Rome is a mission: it's very dangerous if you are not used to, because there are no cycling paths, people drive like crazy and they have no respect for cyclists. But it's still the fastest way to move in such a big

  • Oti hitchhiking in the snow in NorwayOti hitchhiking in the snow in Norway

    One of the strongest memories we keep from our last trip in Norway while hunting for the Northern Lights, is hitchhiking over the Arctic Circle from the city of Fauske trying to go north; an epopee that kept us stuck for 26 hours in the same spot under heavy snow and forced us to sleep in a toilet! Hopefully an hitchhiking

  • Wild camping in Chernomorets, BulgariaWild camping in Chernomorets, Bulgaria

    This is the place that I found in Chernomorets, Bulgaria, a perfect spot for wild camping. An abandoned pier going over the Black Sea and far away from the crowds leaving me completely isoleted, but still close enough to catch free wireless from inside my tent!

  • Sleeping under the bridge of the main square in LjubianaSleeping under the bridge of the main square in Ljubiana

    While travelling on a budget, 95% of the time we are able to find a real bed and hospitality for the night. But in the rare occasions that it's not happening, urban camping is a must, and creativity the law. This is probably the most central place I ever slept in while travelling: under the bridge of the main square in Ljubiana

  • The map of my trip by land hitchhikingThe map of my trip by land hitchhiking

    This is the story of my 954 days amazing travel around Europe without flying. A long trip that ended in April 2013 when I had to take a plane from Romania to Italy because of my unstable health condition. [If you are in a hurry, skip the text and go directly to the travel photos] Before that moment, it was August 2010 when I took

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