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Nomad travel guide: how to become a full time "gypsy traveller"

To be able to travel longer and become a full time Become a Gypsy Traveller!Become a Gypsy Traveller!gypsy traveller, the possibilities are endless and the choices are only up to you and your will to be engaged in a nomad travel: there are even people travelling without money, so don't complain and don't find silly excuses not to start backpacking even tomorrow!

In these guides we will talk mainly about money: but you should never forget that travelling is about experiences, feelings, people and places! Money is not feeding your soul!

Reduce your expenses

The first step to take is to reduce as much as possible your expenses: the less you spend, the less you'll need to earn. This is a simple concept, but the most precious for a gypsy traveller, and it might involve a changement of lifestyle. If you have a limited budget, you can either choose to travel comfortably let's say for 2 weeks, going out every night enjoying nightlife and paying for your accommodation, or with the same budget, you can give up on comfort and some of your habits and extend your trip up to 2 months.

Eliminate fixed expenses

The second tip to be a gypsy traveller is not to have any fixed expenses back home: car, rent, health insurance, loans: if you have any, try to get rid of them!
Stop buying new clothes: in second hand shops you can find plenty of options as good as new, just for a few bucks. And if you are lucky enough, in some cities there are also "free shops" where you can take what you want and need, and leave what it's not useful to you anymore. If you are travelling outside of western countries, it will be much cheaper to buy new clothes abroad, and much easier to find something suitable for the local climate.

Mini guides to become a Gypsy traveller

There are mainly three macro areas where you can reduce the expenses of your nomad travel: accommodation, transportation and food.
Clearly this is not all, since it's not including entertainment and culture in example. But while not everybody is a party animal or a museum hunter , everybody needs to eat, sleep and move while travelling: it is independent from your travel style.
Saving it's not all, because you'll still need also some cash for your expenses.
But don't worry, it's easier than it looks, and we condensed for you our years of experience travelling, into four mini guides with a lot of travel tips, that will help you on your transformation from a temporary tourist to an happy "gypsy traveller".

How to save money on accommodation

How to save money on transportation

How to save money on food

How to make money for travelling

As an example, by following these simple travel tips, we were able to travel for one month in the most expensive country of the world, Norway, with 130€ all included.
And if we still didn't convince you, you can find some more useful tips to start your nomad travel in the section Travel tips. Check what to pack with our backpacking checklist!
If you'll find these guides useful, consider donating us one day of travel, so that we can keep updating the website. Good karma for you!

Davide VadalàDavide Vadalà
I like to say that I'm a gypsy traveller. Some years ago I quit my job to chase my dream of exploring our wonderful planet in a sustainable way. Thanks to my itchy feet, I had a lot of incredible adventures, and I'm just back after an amazing travel of almost 3 years by land, mainly hitchhiking. I love nature, sustainability, outdoor and hiking, and my dream is to become a travel photographer. Content attribution on Google +

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